Virtual Classes FAQs

Is there an individual link for each class?

Yes, and we take it a step further. An individual link is sent for each student in each class. This helps prevent clients from sharing the link with others.

Do I have to create each Zoom link individually?

No, you can click the Settings button in the Virtual tab and turn on the button “Automatically use Zoom for all classes?” to create Zoom links for every class in the list.

What do I have to do in Mindbody to set this up?

All you will need to do in Mindbody is set up your schedule of virtual classes. If applicable, you will also have to set up any new pricing options the way you want them. We ask that you add classes with "virtual", "live", or "Zoom" in the title, or update your existing class names. You could also add or change pricing options in any way you wish.

Do my clients need to download Zoom?

Yes. When a client clicks on a Zoom link for the first time, they will be prompted to download Zoom. The process is fast, easy, and only needs to be done once.

When do clients receive the livestream link?

Our standard triggering rule is set to send the link to clients 30 minutes before their class starts. We are able to adjust this to be closer to the start of class or further out as needed, simply let us know the desired trigger value.

Can I stream multiple classes as once?

Not with the initial Loyalsnap Virtual implementation. We are currently working on adding support for multiple accounts and locations, but for right now only one livestream can happen at a time. Please check back for additional information. 

Can I set up multiple studios on Loyalsnap Virtual?

The Loyalsnap integration currently supports one Zoom account linkage per studio connection (MINDBODY, etc). If you have multiple studios with separate Mindbody instances, you will need a separate Zoom account for each. 

How do I check clients into Mindbody for these virtual classes?

When a client successfully joins the class from the link in our automated email, Loyalsnap Virtual will automatically mark them as signed-in in the Mindbody system

Can a recording be sent after the class?

If you have a YouTube or Vimeo channel that you upload recordings to, you can include that link in the post-class livestream messaging.

Are notifications sent to the instructor?

Yes, email notifications are sent to the address on file in MindBody for the associated instructor.

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