Client Details

Loyalsnap is constantly receiving updates from your booking platform. This information is used to run your automation campaigns as well as populate the Client Management Dashboard categories. 

A lot of this information is available in your Loyalsnap Dashboard.

Phone Number: phone number the client provided.

Email Address: email address associated with the client's account in your booking platform.

Total Visits: total # of visits a client has taken. Does not include scheduled visits or cancelations / no-shows.

Last Visit: The date of their last visit.

Next Visit: The date of their next visit, if applicable.

Client Since: Date on which their account was created.

Total Follow Ups: Number of personalized followups (i.e. followups sent via the Dashboard, as opposed to Automated followups that are not customized on a per-client basis).

Contract Status: If the client is on a contract, what is the status of that contract. 

  • Scheduled - contract has been purchased, but hasn't actually started yet.
  • Active - client is currently on an active contract.
  • On Hold - client contract has been marked as on-hold (suspended) in the booking platform
  • Inactive - client’s contract has either expired or payment has failed. Client can not attend classes on an inactive contract.

Active Package:  If the client has an active package associated with their account. 

Last Package: What was the last package associated with the client’s account

Note: All of the above details are pulled from your booking platform. To change the details in Loyalsnap, please edit the client's profile in your booking platform. Any changes will automatically flow into Loyalsnap within 24 hours at most (usually much sooner).

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