How to update Mailchimp templates

If your studio already uses Mailchimp and a member of the Loyalsnap onboarding team designed the templates within your already existing Mailchimp account, use the instructions below. However, if you do not have a Mailchimp account, instructions to update your templates can be found here.

  1. To view the content of any Automation, click the Automation rule name a pop up will open with the details.

  2. If you see any content that needs to be edited, click Edit Template.

  3. Click the Edit Template button. This will take you into your MailChimp account, to make your changes.

Warning: Don't forget the last step

After saving the template updates, don't forget to send to Mandrill (see the last image).  This is like sending your letter to the post office for delivery.

 Once you send to Mandrill, the preview button in your Automations section will also update immediately.  If you do not see this change immediately you may need to Send to Mandrill again or you may need to refresh your Portal page for this change to register.

To update copy:

To update the link in the text or the buttons just click the link option when you are in the editable region.

Send to Mandrill

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